Ribolla Gialla Brut

Vino Spumante Brut

Ribolla Gialla is the native vine of Friuli. Chosen for its marked acidity and low alcohol content, it has found a particular expression in the sparkling version, a type of reference especially in the lower area of ​​the Ronchi.

Spumante Brut Wine
First Vintage 2020
Ribolla gialla
Vineyards Torre Rosazza
"Ponca" is the typical element of our soil: a sedimentary formation integrally made of clayey marl alternating with layers of sandstone. The "Ponca" shows low fertility and good capacity to hold water, gives uniques features to the grapes and the wine such as full-bodied taste and colour, tannins, and minerality. The location of the vineyards on terracings, the Ronchi (top of the hills), and the perfect exposure allow the full ripening of the grapes. Ventilation is good thanks to the Bora and the winds coming from the Adriatico Sea. The remarkable temperature range between day and night makes the grapes more flavoured and sugary.
Perfect as an aperitif, excellent with appetizers, seafood, oysters, white fish, carpaccio, delicate tartare. Also to be enjoyed throughout the meal. Serving temperature 6-8 ° C.

Blanc di Neri

Born from the natural attitude of Torre Rosazza to go further, towards a continuous search for the exaltation of the territory and its products. A real oenological gem: a Blanc de Noir with a Friulian taste.