Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC

An ancient, strong and generous native vine that produces an extremely sugary fruit, naturally offset by defined tannins which, thanks to the late harvest, are softened, rounded and perfected. From a late harvest derives a high concentration that gives life to sweet and pleasant wines for convivial and relaxing occasions.

First Vintage 1984
Verduzzo Friuli
Friuli Colli Orientali (Manzano Hills)
"Ponca" is the typical element of our soil: a sedimentary formation entirely composed of clayey marl alternating with layers of sandstone.
The "Ponca" features low fertility and good water retention, giving unique features to the grapes and the wine such as full-bodied taste and colour, tannins, and minerality. The location of the vineyards on terracings, the Ronchi (top of the hills), and the perfect exposure allow the full ripening of the grapes. The Bora and the winds coming from the Adriatico Sea ensure good ventilation. The remarkable temperature shift from day to night makes the grapes more flavoured and sugary.
Excellent paired with traditional Friulian sweets such as the Gubana or the Bisciola. It's a great combination with medium-aged cheese and prosciutto with figs. Suggested serving temperature: 10 -12 °C.