Picolit 2


Picolit Colli Orientali del Friuli DOCG

One of the Friulian Enologic prides. In Torre Rosazza we can count on the greatest extension of "Picolit dei Colli Orientali del Friuli" vineyards. This wine possesses a special and symbolic value that underlines a deep connection with the area, that has been established by the estate since its origins. Picolit vineyards are scattered all across the estate, in areas with greater exposure to the south and west. One of our first vineyards has been cultivated in Picolit since 1978.

First Vintage 1986
Colline orientali del Friuli (Manzano Hills)
"Ponca" is the typical element of our soil: a sedimentary formation integrally made of clayey marl alternating with layers of sandstone. The "Ponca" shows low fertility and good capacity to hold water, gives uniques features to the grapes and the wine such as full-bodied taste and colour, tannins, and minerality. The location of the vineyards on terracings, the Ronchi (top of the hills), and the perfect exposure allow the full ripening of the grapes. Ventilation is good thanks to the Bora and the winds coming from the Adriatico Sea. The remarkable temperature range between day and night makes the grapes more flavoured and sugary.
Perfect "meditation" wine that goes perfectly with tasty, spicy and blue-veined cheese or even dried pastry. Suggested serving temperature: 10 -12 °C.