Torre Rosazza, the quintessence of Friuli.

In our logo our history, our identity.

Torre Rosazza’s new identity fully represents who we are and where we are.

It tells our story: the ancient medieval tower around which the villa on the hills of the Antonini family was built. It tells the unique peculiarity of the loopholes that characterize the facade, an element so characteristic and unique to become an icon.
And finally the sinuosities of the surrounding vineyards, our ronchi, our terroir: the Ponca, the richness and the graphic beauty of our territory.

It’s all in the logo with its thin lines, a choice to make the composition delicate and refined, another feature that tells exactly how we are and how we want to present ourselves to the public.

We are the expression of a contemporary Friuli, which starts from the hills of Rosazzo to embrace a region.

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