Roast veal rib with Dijon mustard


50 minutes


A glass of Altromerlot brings out all the best in the tasty meat in this recipe. Its structure and elegance are the perfect accompaniment to this flavoursome main course.


Ingredients for 4

2 veal rib chops weighing 500 g in total

400 g new potatoes

1 clove of garlic


clarified butter

Merlot red wine

Dijon mustard

extra-virgin olive oil – salt – coarse salt – pepper


Brown the chops for 7-8 minutes each side in a pan with plenty of clarified butter, 2 spoons of oil, a pinch of coarse salt, a crushed clove of garlic still in its skin and a sprig of rosemary. Roast at 180°C for 5 minutes, then take out of the oven and rest for a further 5 minutes.


Remove the cooking fat from the pan you browned the chops in and deglaze for 2-3 minutes, adding a spoon of wine and a spoon of mustard. Filter the sauce and taste for salt.


Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes in their skins in plenty of salted water. Drain, cut in half lengthwise and brown for 8-10 minutes over a high heat in a frying pan with 2 spoons of oil, salt and pepper.


Cut the chops into 2-3 cm thick slices and serve with the new potatoes and mustard sauce.





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