Cassata del “Sole”

For experts

1 hour 40 minutes


An almost aristocratic wine, with a fascinating unique flavour; the sweet nectar of Picolit is an elegant way to accompany the refined, complex flavours of this dessert. A dessert wine, the best way to end a meal of outstanding quality.


Ingredients for 4

Candied fruit:

100 g candied fruit


Ricotta cream:

840 g ricotta

400 g whipped cream

270 g sugar

Ice Cream

250g whole milk

80 g pistachio paste

60g granulated sugar

50 g double cream

15 g icing sugar

5 egg yolks

Strawberry sauce

400 g strawberries

100 g sugar

1 lemon

Dried fruit brittle

200 g sugar

80 g shelled pine nuts

80 g shelled hazelnuts

80g shelled pistachios

1 packet of filo pastry


Other ingredients

1 very ripe apricot

unsweetened cocoa powder


Start by preparing the candied fruit to garnish your dessert. Cover the candied fruit with the rum and leave to soak overnight.Start by preparing the candied fruit to garnish your dessert. Cover the candied fruit with the rum and leave to soak overnight.


To make the ricotta cream, beat the ricotta with a whisk and slowly add the sugar.  Add the whipped cream and mix well


Making the ice cream is where the greatest care is needed.

Boil the milk and cream in a pan.

Add the yolks, sugars and beat energetically to give an almost frothy consistency. Fold in the pistachio paste and pour in the boiling milk and cream. Stir well and heat the mixture to 85°C, then put it all in an ice cream maker to make the pistachio ice cream.


Wash the strawberries carefully, hull and cut in half.

Make a syrup by boiling the sugar with 100 g of water for 4-5 minutes.

Add the strawberries to the syrup with the juice of one lemon. Leave to soften for one minute, then blitz to give a sauce. Filter through a fine sieve and keep cool.


To make the dried fruit brittle, spread 2 sheets of pastry with a little butter, put one on top of the other and bake at 180°C for 10 minutes.

Dissolve the sugar in 80 g of water in a pan at 130°C.

Toast the dried fruit in a frying pan for 2-3 minutes, then add it to the syrup and stir energetically, until the sugar crystallises on the fruit.

Spread the pralinated fruit on the sheets of pastry and bake at 180°C for 10 minutes until crunchy.


Wash the apricot and cut into small cubes.

Assemble the dessert by arranging a spoonful of ricotta cream and a small scoop of pistachio ice cream on each plate. Drizzle over the strawberry sauce, garnish with a few pieces of brittle, the drained candied fruit, a few apricot cubes and a dusting of cocoa powder.

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